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Grant Merchant Services has partnered with Shift Credit Card Processing to helping cannabis businesses take payments.

The process is easy, secure and almost Zero fee – actually now you can make money on the transaction cost and not have that revenue subject to Cannabis Tax.

Here are some of the main benefits to work with us to help your Cannabis business:

  • Money held in US FDIC insured Bank account
  • Accepting more payment methods will increase your ticket sales by at least 25%
  • No more cash or armored truck services
  • Ability to accept all major card brands for a purchase as simple as buying a cup of coffee
  • Settlement times accelerate monthly based on your chargeback ratio
  • Ability to do curbside, prepay or delivery orders!

To learn more about this P2P (Point to Point) solution, similar to Paypal and Venmo, call or email us today.

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