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Joe Campagna took over running Grant Merchant Services in 2007 when his step-dad, Gary Glowinski suddenly passed away.

Coming from the worlds of finance, tech and hospitality, Joe jumped feet first into the deep end, learning on the fly to manage and grow an existing portfolio. Now, 13 years later, Joe has taken GMS to new levels with clients across the country. He has maintained the relationships his dad built while growing the business. “Twenty years after our founding, I work every day trying to live up to the legacy my dad started,” Joe says. “He was a handshake, good-as-your-word, old school salesman. Having many of our original clients still with us today is the clear indicator of our success.”

GMS works with a variety of clients from a 200+ location seasonal firework company to many B2B and B2C merchants. In the past 14 years, Joe has seen the industry and client marketplace change.

“Finding ways to adapt is crucial to any business’ survival, especially with the increase in competition our industry has seen,” Joe adds. “We try to help our clients build their success and not be viewed as a commodity, but more of a valued service to their customers.” His goal is to demystify the world of payments and find the best solution for GMS clients. All while ensuring GMS customers understand the costs along the way.

When Joe isn’t busy at work, he’s cheering on his Wisconsin Badgers, playing in an “old man” hockey league and trying to keep up with his 4-year-old twin daughters. Suffice to say, he has an easier time keeping up with the old guys on the ice.

Joe R & his Family

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