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Have you ever wondered, “can we avoid the fees we pay for the credit card transactions we take at the office?”

The answer is YES you can. Through our partners compliant solutions you can charge your customers 3.50% for all credit transactions and save 100% of those costs.

To be compliant, you still have to pay the fees on all debit transactions (1% +$0.25) at your business. Our solutions automatically detect the type of card and ensure you’re 100% compliant with the card brand rules. Whether it’s in store, online or through your office computer we can help you be compliant while passing the correct fees on to your customers.

To enjoy this cost savings, we’ll help you register as a surcharging business, give you the proper notifications for you to share with your customers, help you pass along a 3.50% fee, package it all up in to one transaction with a proper receipt and ensure you’re not surcharging any Debit transactions.

If you’re a governmental agency or education institution, please reach out for unique industry specific details when it comes to surcharging.

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