Credit Card Processing for Medical Practices

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Stop Paying Too Much in Processing Fees

Finding the perfect medical credit card processing payment solution for your medical office or dental practice is a difficult task. If you’re currently accepting credit card payments for your services, you may view your statements and the hefty processing fees and believe it’s time to find a better payment processing system.

Comparing costs and understanding what you should and shouldn’t be paying for with credit card transactions is a daunting task, and exactly why you need to contact the team at Grant Merchant Services. Whether it’s dental office credit card processing or if you’re looking for the best credit card processing for therapists, we’ll walk you through your options and help you understand what you should be looking for in a credit card processor.

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How We Can Help

At Grant Merchant Services, we help business owners in all industries save money on debit cards and credit card processing, including when being used for healthcare payments.

More than just processing the payments, we can help you select a platform that meets proper HIPAA security, high-level payment security, integrates with current software your office uses, and provides a cohesive healthcare payments solution that can be extremely helpful to your administration team.

Every business is different, and Grant Merchant Services will work with you to positively enhance your bottom line. Reach out to us for a free savings analysis, where we will take your effective rate (what you’re paying after all of your fees are totaled) and pinpoint areas where you can start saving money.

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