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Often times the easiest path isn’t the most cost effective

Olga, who runs Gifts from Eastern Europe, for years had nagging issues with banking, customer service, equipment and cost issues when it came to her merchant services vendor.

When she was looking to bring on a new partner, like many others she searched the internet and considered PayPal, Square or Stripe. Olga decided she didn’t want to be just another account number, but instead wanted to find a company that she could trust by putting a face to the name she was talking to – if the price was right!

GMS was able to show Olga that her new effective rate would be about 2.65% – saving her thousands compared to the BIG BOX websites at 2.90%+. “We were able to save money, talk to a real person and resolve all our issues. GMS has made our lives easier while allowing us to pay less,” said Olga.

Olga owns Gifts from Eastern Europe and has been at the Chicago Christkindlmarket for nearly 20 years.

Instead of relying on the flat pricing from a website that doesn’t know you or doing whatever your web developer tells you, shouldn’t you invest in a meeting to see if the human touch can help save you money and time in the long run.

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