Credit Card Processing for Marijuana Dispensaries

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If you work in the cannabis industry, you cannot accept credit and debit card payments for cannabis transactions. But, we can help you offer wallet payment options.

Compliant digital payments for legal cannabis business transactions. An easy cashless text-to-pay option for your customers and your cannabis dispensaries.

Dispensary Credit Card Processing

As stated, credit card payments are not allowed at a federal level for the purchase of cannabis. This means that marijuana dispensaries are left to deal with an enormous amount of cash.

Managing large volumes of cash comes at a high cost in dollar value and time spent. Grant Merchant Services can help you accept digital payments for cannabis payment processing, helping you avoid handling large amounts of cash and the security problems that come with it.

Fast & Secure Payments

Without being able to accept credit cards, your customers are left having to stop at their financial institution or ATM and pay additional fees. By offering digital payment options, you’ll save your customers time, money, and unnecessary hassle.

We also understand that compliance is of utmost importance in the cannabis industry. Our payment processor solutions come with built-in compliance that will ensure every transaction at your dispensary is done by the books and provides the security features you and your customers desire.

Dedicated Support Team

With the cannabis industry continuing to evolve, change is always around the corner. With change comes a learning curve that Grant Merchant Services can help you with. We want your customers to receive the most convenient and safest shopping experience possible.

We are always available to answer your questions and to provide honest, practical solutions. We can train and support your team as you move forward with digital payment options.

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